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What do I need first?

First things first you need a legit company that if google needed proof of an EIN you’d have no issue handing that over. Secondly you need a sales funnel of some kind that’s internal, I am not a sales company I generate leads but you need to capitlize on them.

If you need these systems setup or optimized to handle the online traffic we’ll generate. I can help with this if I believe in your company, but it takes a extreme amount of critical thinking as well as R&D meaning this will have a hefty cost associated with it.

Can I also do it?

Of course you can do everything I do on your own. Its a simple matter of determination and effort to learn.  However the beauty of this industry is most practices arent learned from colleges but personal practices and sharing informed results with peers, a lot like college but more open source making this industry one of the best to learn.

Why Martin Marketing?

As mentioned in my previous FAQ “Can i also do it” I thought i’d follow up with a reason to chose me. You can learn this industry but unlike a lot of trades this industry isnt set in stone. this means you may have to keep up with trends and often relearn entire practices to stay competitive, doing this on top of running a company can be exhausting to say the least. Which is where I come in, I keep up with trends and share them with all of my clientelle. This allows you to focus on what we need to market in the first place.

How long until I get results?

This is a tough question, it depends on what your attempting to sell and the popularity it has. That’s not including demographics, a faulty inbound sales system, or even just an asshole picking up the phone ruining any leads. However if given a month of two most of not all of the issues can be tracked down with data analysis. so to give an educated answer; results should come anytime from day 1 – 60 depending on how ready your company is to take on the client base and if the client base is there to begin with.

Is there any guarantee?

If you’ve read the previous FAQS you’d know the answer to this question. There is to many variables out of my control to guarantee anything. With that being said, I only plan on having 30 clients no more no less. So if I’ve reached out to you and your reading this due to our conversation. I’ve done the research on you and I believe your company is worth marketing because it will succeed. Again no guarantee but i don’t want to waste my time and neither do you. if results are coming through in 30-60 days I will let you know things wont workout and refuse to continue service with you in order to keep my reputation.

Best Hosting Company?

What i personally use to get this process started is buy a Domain name from This site is great for the fact is has insane amounts of self help tutorials and is great for any newbie to the industry.

Next you’ll have to connect the domain to a hosting platform, this is similar to connecting your phone to verizon or t-mobile. you own the domain but its pretty useless without the hosting.

Id recomend this company provides again A LOT of self help guides and even live assistance.