Who Is Martin Marketing?

The Man – The Myth – The Legend

Personalized Marketing

I’ll run your website like i’m part of the company

I only work with 30 clients at a time so that I can ensure I have the time available to keep results up.

Its like hiring a salesforce & web guy while getting a tax write off for it. Think about having me join the team!

Lets find your Niche and run with it

Sometimes it can feel daunting when you think of how your gonna make yourself stand out.

Well I’m here to help with that we can talk over your business model and i’ll help pickout things that make you unique and match them with competitive keywords

Just a Busy Bee living on the West Coast

Trey Parker Martin, Is the name. Born and raised in Utah until 18, when I moved to the west coast to start my family life with my beautiful wife and adorable a son.

Though I love the state of Oregon I have always been proud of my origins in Utah, its called the busy bee state for a reason and when it comes down to gettin’ the job done very few can fly with me.

Its also defined a lot of my moral and ethical values that I hold highly. These values bleed into my work, home life, friendships, and partnerships.

martin marketing family

Your Friendly Neighborhood Web Guy


If I had to say what a perfect company would look like to me– it would be having a small group of friends that I can provide top tier service for and watch their digital presense grow with their wealth. Meanwhile im chillin on the beach with my family traveling around the globe. Lets make eachothers dreams come true.


Getting you in front of the people who you are looking for, and ensuring your website stays modern in design. I keep a relentless hunger for knowledge to ensure I can keep us ahead of changes or trends and keep you competitive on the digital frontier.


I value honesty and transparency which is why I offer full access to everything I do, the goal is to grow together as a partnership and maybe you’ll get some great ideas seeing some of the back end of things if thats what you like.